Friday, March 17, 2006

a perfect day

don't go to work,

go back, speak to students, answer questions.

shoot the bull with old friends, teachers, classmates.

now bring shrimp poboys to your wife, kid and grandma.

drink the coffee, grab the boy, swing by mom's.

watch her show him off, head home.

clean the bike, two hours rolling, stare at cows.

suit up, go out, dine on the empty patio

the food, the beer, and you and the fam with three waiters

under the stars, alone with the traffic

exit past the line waiting for ac

home again, baby asleep,

it's perfect


Marcy said...

An even more perfect day would have been you buying a new camera and posting pictures of Ryan! We need to see how much he has grown.


Sam & Barbara said...

Hey, I did not say that! David, it sounds like the perfect day. Ryan is so cute over the phone. Did you hear about Moogie's Made-up Songs, sung to the tune of "night and Day?" Ryan actually laughed! He is an interactive baby. Some old pixs would be nice, since this gramma can't even see him! But, we are going to make that happen asap. Please, no guilt; I know you all are busy, and the new house/room arrangements sound great. Love you so much for caring for that precious family. Love, Momma Barb

David said...

we need a new camera, i know i know

Ryan's cuteness has reached new levels. His laughter is louder now. Last night i was balancing blocks on his forehead and Amy could hear him across the house.

I know that sounds cruel, but he enjoyed it. The Ryan B-side photos will get out there tonight, i promise.