Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boonen is Boomin

The greatest device ever constructed, well maybe that would make the tv the greatest, and tivo the second greatest. Either way, it picked up the Cyclism on OLN which covered a little of Paris-Nice.

Hats off to Amy's childhood little-league nemesis Bobby Julich who took the prologue by a second.

What about Boonen? He won the first two stages, and was incredibly close in the prologue. The footage of his wins at Qatar makes him look like unbeatable. Eight wins already, no curse on that jersey for sure.


Jeff said...

Strongly agree on all points...from Tivo to Boonen!
Why did Amy pick that fight anyway, that Julich fellow seems like a nice boy...once you get past the egg shaped crank that is!

David said...

That Amy is a trouble maker

Taylor said...

Boonen is such a rockstar. He makes very good use of the rainbow on like every piece of equipment he has. Nice.

His QuickStep train is also equally as impressive.

David said...

Yeah, rockstar is appropriate, how about this quote

... two years ago, I would have been delighted with a stage win in Paris-Nice. Now it's only a habit.

Looks like Floyd opened up another can of you-know-what today. No details yet.

David said...

also, instead of betting on whether or not Boonen will win Milan-San Remo, let's start a pool on how many bike lengths he'll have when he crosses the line.

Taylor said...

Boonen just did it again after unclipping from his pedal! This guy is unhuman.

David said...

Unbelievable, he will not be stopped.