Monday, March 27, 2006

down da bayou and bonsai

Sunday we headed down da bayou to Houma to see Karen who was passing through town on her way back to Colorado from Itlee. On the drive we passed a sign pointing towards Chauvin, or what is also known as Lance Town. We had a great time, i can't show you any photos because we are a poor family with a broken camera, but Karen was kind enough to post some photos on her site. Her family threw a great BBQ and it was a blast seeing her childhood stomping grounds.

For kicks on the way home, like a cajun Alex Haley, we headed back via Thibodaux, Paincourtville, Labadieville, Napoleonville, Donaldsonville, Plattenville. Lots of "Ryan, that's where your great grandma is from" or "Ryan, your Maggie is from there" etc. etc.

Somewhere around White Castle was where we got the phone call about winning the Bonsai Tree which i picked up Monday night. Mr. Merryl, the president of the Bonsai club, lives at the Northern end of Flannery, near Greenwell Springs Road. I'd never been in that area before and it felt like a whole new town. Talk about a surprise, his back yard is like a Bonsai exhibit. He took me around and showed me his collection of trees, explaining the finer points of the hobby. It was awesome, i had a lot of questions and he asked me if i'd like to watch him construct a tree. Come on now! too cool, so he did. We constructed a new bonsai tree from a juniper potted plant, probably in about 30 minutes. It was very relaxing, i'm hooked.


LPM said...

You post had me pining for home,for Lagniappe on the Bayou and the Boat Blessing, crawfish, satsumas on the roadside. What the hell am I doing in Tennessee?

David said...

i forgot to mention the Fireman's parade that shut down traffic for ... minutes.