Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Liggett inspired report of Tuesday Night

On the roads of the training race, pain is not a stranger.
It comes often and to some more often than others.
And so it was on Tuesday night, a virtual symphony of pain,
led by the maestro himself Chris Alexander.

Last night's training race was fierce with what seemed like a surplus of evil cross and head winds. Chris, my "brother by another mother", is getting ready for a stage race in French Guyana and he demo'ed some of his fitness. It was fun going that fast but brutal, i feel sorry for those other teams. I heard in the last stretch before everyone chilled out we were doing 34ish. I believe it, i was pegged in the 50x11 which i hardly ever use.

I stopped with Norm, Tom and Steve to catch some water at the church and nobody else did. It's pretty bad when you elect a team time trial effort over riding in the pack, but it was easier and good practice.

Good luck to the Herrings heading down south.


Taylor said...

Considering how flat river road is, and that you guys were cruising along at 34, that is freakish.


David said...

It was definitely beyond ludicrous and into plaid.

Amy said...

I can't wait to be back at the training race. Man, I miss those buggy, dehydrated August sweatfests on River Road!

eric said...

Big Ass, why are still spinning tht compact crank in pancake flat LA? What gives?

David said...

I ask myself this question sometimes too. It is the only crank i have now, and I've also gotten used to it. I run an 11-23 and don't ever get out the big ring. I think next season i'll switch back to a 53/39 on the compact spider.