Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Delta Stage Race Report

Last weekend was fun, I didn't expect to race since we were putting it on, but decided to right before the tt started. Thanks to our new uniforms and my new disc and aero helmet, i looked euro-pro but ended up riding a la computer analyst.

The turnout in the 1,2,3 was low, with no Herrings but we had 5 Deltas (Josh, Jerry, Norm, Pat and me) which is rare, add in a few S'ports, a few TCFs, Ben from NBO, two NOBCs and the flying dutchman. With so few it would be tough. Off the line Frank B. attacked and pulled the first mile, the remainder of the first lap felt like a points race on crack with everybody trying to get off in the inevitable break.

The S'ports were wired for sound, so you could watch Russ reach for his mic and then guess who would attack next. Our team was all over everything, it was great. Pat stuck Russ like glue. Finally a break got off with me, Jerry, Frank, Realdo and s'Port Patrick. We started rolling and got a good gap. Patrick was punching tickets at the back b/c his teammate was leading after the tt. We couldn't shake him so we all just worked smoothly and left him back there. Jerry told me he was hurting, but the more we rolled, the better he rode.

The gap was up to 1:40 at one point. In the feed with two to go, Frank got hit by a bottle in the brow bad enough to start bleeding but he kept going. With one lap to go, i got dumped on the hotspot sprint and had to tt to catch back up to the other four. It took a while to get back to them and hurt a bit, so i tried to recover but at this point i was really flat. With about 5 to go or so, Frank attacked, everybody jumped and i couldn't respond. At this point, i just did what i could and managed to finish 5th, 12 seconds ahead of Russ and Dave from S'port. Jerry got 4th, and Patrick won, taking over the lead from his teammate.


Amy said...

Wow! 12 seconds. I didn't know that part. You go!

Taylor said...

Dude, that helment is fine! With that and the disc wheel on your Orbea, you must look pretty tight.

I would like to see you all's new uniforms too.

David said...

It's a lot to live up to. I need to train more :)

No photos of the new duds yet, all i can say is THINK CANE'S FRIED CHICKEN

Taylor said...

I take it they are a sponsor?

David said...

Yep, they are our primary sponsor, the jerseys look cool b/c we have the logo on the back one facing left, the other right. Well ok, that doesn't sound cool, but it looks better than some other ones. Here's the only photo i've been able to find of our new stuff, Patrick looks a lot like a red-headed Floyd Landis to me.