Monday, August 08, 2005

epo cranks

Dr. John got a set of these and i got to take a closer look at them last night. Interesting idea, he agreed with this review that they definitely help with timetrialing and climbing. The results in the review were impressive to say the least, $700 for the crank and bottom bracket. Is this a better investment than a disc?


Taylor said...

The thing that seems weird about these is that they make you lazy as the reviewer said.

Of course, maybe having a super smooth pulling pedal stroke is just a result of having a design (normal cranks) that is inferior. Maybe this is the way of the future.

They are still kind of freaky, regardless.

David said...

That freakiness plus my previous history with rotary engines makes me leary, but i'm anxious to hear more about it.

Jeff Robert said...

Shocked to see a traditionalist such as yourself would even INTERTAIN such a concept...the boys from Postal and Telekom would be very disappointed, or should I say 7-Eleven!

David said...

Just you wait until i put some elliptical rings on that bad boy!

eric said...

Lots of the Slowtwitch fellas I ride with love 'em. If you are a bug gear masher, these cranks are the shit. If you sit and spin, stay traditional. One more thing, it's not like a disc wheel. Your legs don't respond well if they are just on your tt bike... You need to train with them to get the full effect or so I am told.