Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fantasy Vuelta Prototype

Ok, here's my idea for the Fantasy Vuelta 2005.

The goal here is to ease administration (on me) and assist everybody to get a semi-balanced team.

I'll compile a list of riders ranking them in order of their points earned from last year's Vuelta. Then remove those riders not riding this year, and add in riders of note who didn't ride last year with my own personal ranking. This list will be your default "pick list".

Each team captain is free to modify their ranking list and submit it to me by say August 25th. On that day, the draft will occur. This means that each rider can only appear on one team. To help illustrate this better, here is a list of the top 20 point earners from last year.

1 Santiago Perez Fernandez 593
2 Roberto Heras Hernandez 547
3 Erik Zabel 478
4 Alejandro Valverde Belmonte 475
5 Alessandro Petacchi 455
6 Francisco Mancebo Perez 446
7 Stuart O´Grady 408
8 Oscar Freire Gomez 351
9 FĂ©lix Rafael Cardenas Ravalo 288
10 Eladio Jimenez Sanchez 278
11 Denis Menchov 209
12 Isidro Nozal Vega 204
13 David Zabriskie 193
14 Floyd Landis 193
15 Leonardo Piepoli 181
16 Carlos Sastre Candil 180
17 Constantino Zaballa Gutierrez 178
18 Victor Hugo Pena Grisales 170
19 Manuel Beltran Martinez 161
20 Javier Pascual Rodriguez 160

So you can see that the top point earners are scattered among sprinters, GC riders and climbers which makes it interesting. Anyhow, the draft would occur much like Yahoo Fantasy Football. Let's say there are only three teams, and these teams didn't make any modifications to their pick lists, the draft would go something like this. The pick order would be randomly determined. For our case, let's say the pick order is Team 1, Team 2, Team 3.

Team 1 Perez
Team 2 Heras
Team 3 Zabel
Team 3 Valverde
Team 2 Petacchi
Team 1 Mancebo
Team 1 O'Grady
Team 2 Freire
Team 3 Cardenas
Team 3 Jimenez
Team 2 Menchov
Team 1 Nozal

etc. until each team has 9 riders.
Then this is your set team for the whole Vuelta, no more picks.
Points accrue the same as they did last year.
What do you think?

Also this year, no entry fee and no prizes! maybe one will show up.

Let me know what you think of the format.
Here are the previous years
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Taylor said...

I like the system. I had misunderstood you previously when you said points. This is nice, as you said, because it gives a good mix of all the different skill sets...

My only suggestion, and this would add a little bit of admin work, is to be able to pick 10 people. If one of your top 9 leaves the race, the 10th person gets automatically subbed in. I only suggest that because it seems the Vuelta is a race where people drop out pretty frequently... maybe that was just last year for the olympics.

If all of your 9 stay in the whole time, the 10th guy is ignored. And, you only get points for a rider that rides. I.e. you only get 9 people's worth of points everyday.

Okay, maybe I'm thinking about this way too much. ;)

I was just trying to think of the minimum overhead to allow for not getting screwed when people start dropping out.

eric said...

I'm in.

David said...

Cool beans...

Taylor, i like your suggestion a lot. I was thinking about the sub idea, but didn't have a plan on how to implement it. So that's it, each team will have 10 riders. The "sub" will default to the 10th rider picked unless specified differently by the team captain.

Nice, tonight i'll work on the rank list.

eric said...

Lisa too.

Amy said...

I'm in.