Tuesday, August 16, 2005

weekend wrap-up

Constantino Zaballa won the Classica San Sebastian on Saturday. I really hoped that this would be covered by OLN but no dice. I think if it doesn't involve Lance, or a rerun of Survivor or a large bull stomping on a cowboy, OLN doesn't cover it.

This race is awesome with the climb of the Jaizkibel and now they've added another climb, the Alto de Gurutze, to spice things up toward the run back into town. I was happy that Saunier Duval won with Zaballa and not Horner who was active toward the end and finished 12th. For some reason, Horner has always bugged me the way that Virenque did.


Amy said...

Horner talks smack, but when push comes to shove, he's too immature of a racer to pull off a big win. He always goes out too soon and is generally tactically unwise. It's painful to watch him, kinda like an awkward kid trying to score at the prom.

David said...

Wow, that's just the kind of harsh verbal beatdown i like to read.

Taylor said...

Yeah, that was fantastic.