Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fantasy Vuelta 2005

Back by popular demand! (and less fanfare and hype)

The Fantasy Vuelta 2005

Check out the webpage, not much there on rules, this pretty much assumes you've played before. The field is limited to 19 teams, shouldn't be a problem there. But if you want to get in on some friendly competition for little or no prizes, then shoot me an e-mail with your teamname and/or a revised draft list. I think this will be fun, but ultimately you'll be the judge of that.


Carrie said...

Does "less hype" mean we won't get funny recap emails?

David said...

The witty recaps are still included in the price of admission, however you have to tune to the Vuelta Blog to receive them. Our e-mail budget got cut. :(

David said...

p.s. Get me your team name!