Wednesday, July 05, 2006

back in the chemical city

Humidity, pollution, bad drivers and rain, welcome back.

A few days ago i was mountain biking in the desert, watching rabbits and prairie dogs run out of my way.

Tonight i ran through a litter filled soccer field, watching fat bayou rabbits watch me.

Great vacation, great times with Amy's folks, Ryan loved every minute of it but now it's time to be back here.

I managed to mountain bike 7 days straight without any serious crashes to note, so maybe i have a future in it. Granted, i was on a pretty sweet full suspension bike with 4 inches of travel fore and aft and disc brakes. Let's just say it made up for operator error on a few occasions. I'm also happy to announce that Amy caught the mountain bike bug, Fruita is a mountain biking Disney World without a doubt. I think a new bike is in her future.

So, what the hell is up with this Tour? First Operation Puerta(?) then no no Vino, then Thor gets the paper cut, Stu cracks his back, Horner dislocates a finger and yesterday with the abandons of Valverde and Dekker, potential stage winners are evaporating quicker than a spilled bottle on River Road. Like some cycling Agatha Christie novel, and then there were 172. I think this is Bruyneel's doing to assure the top 9 spots in Paris.


eric said...

I don't want any complaining from you, Mr. Vacation!

It's been a 115 here most days in Valencia. I ride at 5:00 A.M. or I don't ride outside. One day last week I was seriously stressed from work but it was getting dark and had to get a workout in to help reset my mood. So baking in the 97-degree heat of my garage, I hit the rollers. 20 minutes and 2 water bottles later I realized I had a serious mental condition. Still, I gutted it out for an hour. Healthy? No, but I felt better. That's how sad my life has become. So I take your fat, polluted, humid bayou town and raise you one.

I think this could be best tour in years. Anyone could win this thing. Bring on the mountains!

PS Go Levi Go!

David said...

whoof, sorry to hear about the Valencian heatwave!

I shouldn't complain, both Amy and i reported giddy-ness during our runs, obviously the sealevel oxygen levels were kicking in.

I agree, a thrilling tour, also, i enjoyed seeing the video footage of the 86 tour even though i think Lemond may commit suicide soon.

Taylor said...

So why has LeMond become such a whiney little you know what lately?

Jeff said...

Lemond has been an @ss...Nothing new there!
My favorite part of his interview is where he explains that with the exception of EM he thinks BH was the greatest Tour rider of all time. He then rationalizes that he thinks BH was at his best in '86, the year he beat him.
So "connect the dots" and finish the puzzle...In Greg's little world he was one of, if not the greatest tour rider of all time.

It's really sad, I know how much his accomplishments have done for cycling in America...too bad he's a 103M!

Sam & Barbara said...

I could do without Lamonde, too, but I thought they would run Lance footage ad nauseum this year. I like his comments on the various stages, but he does not lack arrogance. I just remember him back in the days when the interviews were painful to watch! But we all love Lance. I like Frankie's interviews a lot. From Mother-in-Law Moogie