Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Post-tour stuff

So the Tour is over and TV and the web just aren't the same, even without the pomp and circumstance that is the Fantasy Tour de France, there's a hole in my collective media sponge where the Tour used to be. I sort of got into a groove of listening to the Eurosport radio while working, then catching the tour on tivo at night.

Anyway, here's some of my favorite memories from last week

When Floyd detonated, i think Cyclingnews said it best when they wrote "He looks bad today, as bad as a David Hasselhoff music video."

Salvatore Commesso got second back on stage 14. I like Salvatore Commesso, he's always in breakaways. But i think i like him the most because he looks more like a USCF cyclist than anyone else in the pro peloton. He always cuts the sleeves of his jersey, and i'm not saying the guy is fat, i'm just saying if the Tour jet were to go down in the Andes, my money is on Salvatore to have dibs on the Chicken's femur, if you know what i mean.

Sager says that one of my favorite cycling names, Ruben Lobato is a doper. I'm not a fan one way or another, i just like to shout out "Domo Oregato Ruben Lobato!" whenever he's on screen. But hey, who isn't doping right? Unemployed Frankie said Lance did (somehow i missed this back in June).

I completely approve of Lance's bash on the French World Cup Soccer team, when he said: "All their players tested positive ... for being assholes." Well played... INTO THE BACK OF THE NET!


Jeff said...

Three points...
Actually, Two points and one Question/observation!
1) Totally agree on the "Tour info" withdrawals...I NEED MORE INFORMATION!!!
2)"But hey, who isn't doping right?"...SuperDave, you're killing me, call me naive but I'm holding onto the dream and believe the vast majority of the peloton is doing it clean.
3)I know this isn't a new trend but what's with all the baseball caps on the podium? Nothing against baseball caps, I love them, but, after is a cycling race...Would it kill someone to pull on a cycling cap?

David said...

yo jeff,
i hear you, i try to keep the faith and all, but this really bummed me out, see the story under Jaksche's doctor: drug use common . That's one of the most systematic explanations i've read. Then again, why the hell would this guy come forward and offer all of this dirt?

Also, i agree wtih you about cycling caps. I love them and there's only a few places in the world you can wear them and not look like a feeble welder and the podium is one of those places. :D

Taylor said...

For the record, they are not baseball caps. They are actually called "podium caps" when they are a baseball cap with a cycling team's logos on it.

No lie... if you go to the places that sell the kits, you can buy the cycling caps and the podium caps. The podium caps are bigger and have more real estate for logos and such, I believe.

Jeff said...

Podium Caps????
The problem is worse than I thought.
Your correction is duly noted and will be appropriately filed under the heading of either "creative marketing" or "the Art of Spin"...

No doubt, the term "Podium Caps" was probably thought up by the same people who decided that garbage men were sanitation engineers and that the Jungle was really a rain forest.

LPM said...

On the AP Wire -- Landis is MIA, dropped out of 2 races. I don't want to churn the rumor mill, but:

eric said...

Thank you Cycling News for teaching me how to have a successful race!

"You put a standard testosterone patch that is used for male hormone replacement therapy on your scrotum and leave it there for about six hours. The small dose is not sufficient to produce a positive urine result in the doping test, but the body actually recovers faster."