Friday, July 07, 2006

Stupid Week

Patrick "Floyd" Q is going to be blogging here about his time at Super Week, no word yet.

Ah Super Week, tough to believe but it's been 10 years since Norm, Trent and i ventured out to Wisconsin to pillage the Cheesehead prizelist. Unfortunately we did no such thing.

The memories come rushing back...

driving, driving, driving
huge fields
Norm slicing his finger open yanking the pump off his Spinergy
two hour crits
Seeing some guy (not me) slide into a big mailbox, helmet first
cytomax and excedrin
Heckling Sven Teutenberg in Milwaukee
buying trispokes at the Motorola garage sale
no breakaways ever working
Preparing meals in the ice bucket of our hotel room
Marcel Wust winning a crit
Getting murdered at Alpine Valley in the rain
Lance coming back from France to win there over Horner
Being asked if we'd been to a "clam bake" after eating sushi
emptying bottles on Trent while he slept

good times, good times


Carrie said...

My spin teacher on Sunday was going to Super Week this week. He was getting pumped for it, by playing fast punk songs and yelling at everyone to keep up. Fun stuff.

David said...

i would like to back some time, it's a great way to race 7 crits in a week.