Sunday, July 30, 2006


Right now, i don't have the energy to comment properly about this piece, so i'll leave you with my favorite quotes...

"If i didn't have my roosters, i don't know what i would do with the rest of my life."

"This is what i live for every day. ... This is what keeps me going. I'm serious."

"If i get to heaven, i sure hope cockfighting is there, because this is what i like."

Anybody who thinks cyclists are strange, needs to read this article.

"Backers of the pasttime contend that roosters are born to fight."

Well for God's sake then, let's tie knives to them!!!

I love it, how many sports failed with the same formula?
Bulls with swords tied to their horns?
Dogs with machine guns on their tails?
Maybe Betta fighting fish with frickin lasers?

Another reason to be proud of our state, commentary off.


eric said...

You mean, cock is another word for chicken? Dude, I'm so disappointed. I was loving the idea of a bunch of macho Bayou rednecks smacking tallywackers with razorblades on them.

Jeff said...

First things first, Cyclist or Strange. Not even Cockfighting can change that!

Secondly, this reminds me of a story about a certain "gentleman" (I use the term loosely) that my brother arrested a number of years ago who was heavy into cockfighting and used to raise birds. Apparently, cockfighting was one of the few legal things he dabbled in....

While search his house and going through all of the equipment for the birds (knives, spurs, etc.) someone made some negative comment about Cockfighting. The guys comeback was, "Would you rather be one of my birds or one of Al Copeland's birds?" Al Copeland of course being the owner of Popeye's Fried Chicken.

Food for thought! (No pun intended)

LPM said...

One time I was at Anne's house (Jerry! Jerry!) -- sorry I can't talk about her family without hearing that chant -- and one of her sister's boyfriends invited me to the local cockfights. "You'll love it!" he promised. I passed. The irony: When we look back, he was the "good" boyfriend as compared to the one her sister married.

Eric: Your idea (sans razors and with flourescent condoms) is the set-up for a pretty good set piece in the movie "Skin Deep." The rest of the film is forgettable.

Michael said...

I still think it would be great if all the cockfighters get bird flu and turn into masses of puss!

"I shur hope thars cockfightin' in hevun!"

David said...

My initial hope was that this post would inspire some great comments and it did in spades. But Eric took it furthest, possibly too far.


Realize that i'm not a chicken activist, i'm just saying that if you ever go up into space and then crashland in a parallel universe where chickens rule the earth, and we're kept in little pens, TAKE THE SUICIDE PILL.

You damned dirty CHICKENS!
(What would lunchtime blogging be without homage to Charlton Heston)

For further explanation watch Pamela Anderson's explicit video on that site, yeesh, you'll go vegetarian.