Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boston Fixeds

Since i'm heading out to Colorado manana, i need to get these Boston photos out before they're just straight out dated. Boston is a city where you can make a living as a bike messenger, and my informal survey seemed to show 3-4x more fixed gear bikes than their geared counterparts. Of course, i didn't want to give the messengers a fat head by going all paparazzi in plain sight, so i started stealthily snapping these shots, and blammo, they all disappeared, like some sort of wacked-out anti-Field-of-Dreams or something.

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Anonymous said...

A little background after 10 years in Boston as a rider I made a very decent living in the late 80's and early 90's. I can recall only one or two fixed geared riders. The riders I ran with would not have spent day in and day out on a fixed gear, but then again we were running 50 to 60 drops a day. We also avoided civilians like the plague, good to see you had a good time in boston, hope you had a chance to see my home town Cambridge. Happily retired in Portland Oregon. Now I commute to work on a 12 speed waiting for all the lights and riding always the right way on the streets. I lived thru it..Really sounds dramatic yes maybe but some did not. I will never forget Boston on a perfect fast dry day in November when the high was 15F and the hub was a ghost town. It was like we owned the place. Thanks for the posts on Boston. I will be returning in August for my annual visit and yes I never ride I always walk.