Friday, July 28, 2006

must see tivo

The tivo turned up a nice surprise this week called Tabloid Wars on Bravo. Very cool show, an insider look at life at the New York Daily News and it's ongoing competition with the Post. We're hooked, what's cool to see is that reporters report, that's it. They don't write, they report back to their editors and some of them don't even write, i guess they keep writers on staff as well. Reporters read their stories for the first time when they come out. The pace is frenetic to say the least as they seem to work all day and into the night to meet their 10:30 pm deadlines. It's addictive stuff, working for a daily, making news out of maybe what isn't news, just notable. But like the editor said last night, everything is news.

On a similar local note, i talked to an unnamed insider on this story who said that really wasn't the story at all. Basically a granny with a gun had enough with her family and wanted them out, when the police showed up, she was happy to see them and offered them coffee. Pretty funny.

We also caught OLN's coverage of the Captech Classic. This course was a bitch, a crit with a climb in it that was so steep they had a feed zone. Very technical suffer-fest, anyhow the story of the race was 2nd place Sergey Lagutin who evidently missed the start and had to catch the pack from about a minute back. He did that, then went with the winning break. Unbelievable or doping? Tough to tell these days.

In other tivo news, we are completely 100% addicted to Denis Leary's Rescue Me. Thanks Don! I wouldn't be surprised if we rent season 1 soon to catch up.

Last plug, Dave Chappelle's Lost Season, this is too funny.


eric said...

Love the Rescue Me. Season 1 nd 2 rocked! Makes the current season look tame.

LPM said...

Re: Tabloid Wars, give me the News over the Post any day. I believe it was the Journalism & Ethics scholar Flavor Flav who said: "Yo New York Post don't brag or boast. Dissin' Flavor when he's butter that you put on your toast."


David said...

i wasn't aware of that flav-ism well played.

Rescue Me is in the queue, Amy and i are consistently shocked by Season 3 and we love it.