Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the Col du Marie-Blanque

What did you ride today?
The Lakes
We hit the Loop, you guys?
Up JVC, back on Joe Daniel, bout you?
Woodville with Jackson tacked on
Oh me? i rode over the Col du Marie-Blanque
Damn that sounds better.


eric said...

Was thinking about this yesterday... How long would it take me to ride the 207K of Stage 11? Clearly it would a solo effort cause I'd get spit out in the nuteral zone. Me? If I was lucky... let me underscore that... LUCKY... 9 maybe 10 hours. That 3 hours behind the winner. OUCH!

Any thoughts?

Jeff said...

You think that's depressing...think where I would finish?
It's like I always say...Different Gene Pool!