Saturday, February 04, 2006

ttt in the hiz-ouse

ok, that doesn't make a lot of sense, except to say that tomorrow my team is putting on a 10 mile 2 man team time trial. Norm and i rode this morning, we were both on our time trial bikes, but instead of practicing we just rode and caught up. It was a lot more fun than paceline practice, which we probably don't need since we've done this a million times before. While we headed back to LSU, we were chased by a pack of 4-5 dogs who were very enthusiastic about having some cyclist for breakfast. The largest of them is in pretty good shape, and ran in a ditch near us for a good half mile or so. Needless to say, i took Highland to Ben Hur on the way back. These are probably the same dogs who chased down Pat and Ed on their long run last week.

I've been enjoying the incredible amount of smack being thrown down in the baton rouge tri forums about the race, this was good but the Battle at Brokeback Levee takes the cake.

It should be fun, too short to really get into a groove of any sort, just go fast recover as you can, repeat. Mom and Dad are going to take care of the bambino so Amy can race as well, with Caroline.

Ryan's newest trick is toe sucking, he seems to have discovered his feet yesterday and now can't put them down. It's pretty entertaining.

Gotta run...

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