Sunday, February 12, 2006

maybe not too epic

Cold weather be damned, i met up with Tim, Brian and Mitch to ride the gravel sections of the Rouge. Somehow, Norm used a Jedi mind trick to lure me into signing up for our own Hell of the North. We drove up to Greenwood Plantation to start.

Mitch was aboard his new ride but brought the wrong shoes. I'm pretty glad he did, because he still rode tough even without being able to pedal full circles.

No lying it was cold, not the crazy 27 with a feel like factor of 8 or whatever promised, but all in all it wasn't too bad after you put on a hat, ski gloves, a base layer, two long sleeve jerseys and a vest with legwarmers and the full-blown jacques cousteau neoprene booties.

Good times, we rode the first section, down and then back up the Pond Store climb, and a new-to-me alternate entry into the Tunica section. One thing i learned today is that i'll never ever race down the Pond Store climb, that was terrifying. Huge sections of washboard gravel shaking your teeth out mixed with sand.

The good news is that the side we'll be racing up is well packed and in the best condition i've seen.

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