Friday, February 24, 2006

Every man needs 5 bikes...

well maybe not just 5, but for now it works for me.

Here's my new pista, the no-frills Specialized Langster. It's every man's bike, shipping with a rear wheel that can handle a fixed or a freewheel single-speed cog, a full brakeset, bottle mounts and even rear pannier mounts.

I rode it Wednesday night at the track and it's great. My previous track bikes have been a little on the small side and it was nice to have a better fit, but i need to ditch some of those spacers, it's way too comfortable to be fast.


Taylor said...

Oh you went with the Langster... sweet. There are two guys that park these things outside of my building... it makes me jealous every time I walk out.

I'm glad you're enjoying the new rig!

eric said...

Sweet is the word. I've been wanting to do training ride on the loaner the bike store has... it's a Prista (SP?)... but have chicken out. Damn you fear of stopping!