Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cursed by God

Yes, clearly scallops are cursed by God.
Damned to forever be at the bottom of the foodchain.
Where else could you be when you naturally taste like butter?
Hell, if i was a scallop, i'd eat scallops.

Why rant on mollusks?
This weekend Amy and i celebrated our 6th anniversary. We dined away our Valentine's Day with the G-Town Homies at Ruffino's which was great. For a change of pace, and our second night in a week sans baby, we hit Baton Rouge's most recent move into the top tier of nation-wide franchises, P.F. Chang's.

This joint has been a favorite of ours for years, but we'd yet to make the Baton Rouge location. Several times we'd dropped in only to be told, "The wait for a table is currently 1 hour and 15 minutes." My response to this one is typically, "Hey, we could eat in Metairie in that time." Don't ask me why but that doesn't go over too well with the hostess. Anyhow, the Kung Pao Scallops are unbelievable, followed by a dangerous stroll over to Whole Foods for some gelato, fantastic night.

After reading Lance's race report, i can't complain about the weather too much. It was cold and humid and nasty here. I rode the trainer on Saturday and got in about 2 hours on River Road today. It felt the way my 2005 Ghent Wevelgem DVD looks.

That's about all i've got, i know Rouge Roubaix is going to hurt, it's two weeks away.

Sounds like the Austin Marathon had some challenging weather.


Carrie said...

Oh boy. Challenging to say the least. And Taylor and I were not even running. Taylor handed out Cliff Shots at Mile 21, and I stood outside with my friend Lynn in front of our condo and cheered (the race ran right in front of our place this year). We were both outside for around 4 hours and were Totally And Completely Frozen. It hurt to walk back inside. I have a lot of respect for the people who went out to run, walk, or wheelchair.

Taylor said...

Yeah, what she said. Brrrr.

LPM said...

Had takeout PF Chang's last week. The Nashville location is a madhouse. I once heard some wiseacre say it's for people who don't like their Chinese food "too Chinese." We like it anyway.