Monday, February 13, 2006

Feb 13

Happy Birthday to my Dad who turns 65 today!

In other anniversaries, Amy reminded me that a year ago today i completed the Austin Marathon. My first and last ever exploit into that particular distance. What started out as an enjoyable jog became a debilitating shuffle that ultimately finished with a handy stress fracture, as I did my best Tim Conway impersonation across the finish line.

Fresh in my memory still is the hour or so i spent laying in a field after, surrounded by friends, with my legs convulsing randomly.

If i find the link to the photos that were snapped of me that day, i'll post them. They made me laugh the last time i saw them.


LPM said...

Sounds familiar . . . Hey, when you updated this blog, how'd you get that nifty action shot in your profile?

Eric said...

Tell Ralph Happy Birthday.
He turned 65 and I turned 36... Yikes!

David said...

36! damn you're old!

I think the post profile photo is turned on by default under blog comment settings or somewhere like that. Was that vague?

In other words, you make this setting on your blog, not on the comment.

David said...

Probably vague again.

LPM said...

And where are you hosting that photo? On your blog or at some other site?

David said...

Ok right, that photo gets hosted elsewhere. I'm not sure why, maybe they developed that feature before they allowed photo-blogging. Anyhow, i put that photo on some webspace provided by my isp, then linked to it under Edit User Profile