Monday, February 20, 2006

Amgen Stage 1

Watched the Amgen Tour of Cali coverage this morning and it was ok. The good news is that ESPN2 has Paul and Bob. The stinker this morning was no timing on screen. Pretty much you had to wait for the rider to finish and then Paul would tell you what their time was. Also the coverage of the last few riders really flew, just a few seconds of each, especially George and Levi. Floyd's position looks so painful i can't believe it's that fast. And Bobby J. is still turning egg-shaped cranks but it's obviously working.


Jeff said...

Agree with your's like they were editing for two hours of coverage and at the last minute was told it had to fit in an hour, therefore as you pointed out we got about 10 seconds coverage of some of the best riders. Floyd's position looked wicked, the extreme upward angle of his forearms is what strikes me as so different, along with his "extreme" forward position on the saddle of coarse. I was lost on why Paul and Bob were questioning it as borderline illegal...What was I missing?

David said...

Not since Coors Light's Greg Oravetz in the 80's have i seen an arm position like that. Totally opposite of the Jan position.

The legality of his position has to do with his saddle being unacceptably close or forward of his bottom bracket, here's the legalese...

1.3.013 The peak of the saddle shall be a minimum of 5 cm to the rear of a vertical plane passing through
the bottom bracket spindle (1). This restriction shall not be applied to the bicycle ridden by a rider in
a track sprint event, keirin, 500 metres or 1 kilometre time trials; however, in no circumstances
shall the peak of the saddle extend in front of a vertical line passing through the bottom bracket

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