Wednesday, February 08, 2006

more material for Todd Barry

The Grammy's

The single greatest collection of creative professionals in the entire world.

Tonight Bono explained

U2 isn't really a rock band,
we're a folk band,
a really loud folk band,
but sometimes along comes a song like Vertigo,
that just makes you burn your house down to the ground

That's exactly how i feel everytime i hear Bono shout 1,2,3,14.
That does it for me ... really it does.

And what's the Grammy's without a pointless collaborative medley of disconnected artists who would have never met unless it were to honor, in this case, Sly and the Family Stone.

"Who would make a fitting tribute," puzzled the Hollywood producer, "i know... Joss Stone. Folks will think they're related, yeah Sly and Joss. You know, that 19 year old white british blues singer. Yeah, and we'll do a strong finish with none other than Steve Tyler of Aerosmith." Nice touch.

The best moment of the whole show was when Jay-Z started his duet with Linkin Park, which was going great until they worked the medley angle into a Paul McCartney/Linkin Park duet. Hova stood there next to these two white guys like a muzzled pit bull in a cage full of rabbits. I wept and wished he'd ignore them and cut into "H to the Izzo" but it was not to happen.

Then i was hoping that the medley mojo would continue when the Boss started channeling Bob Dylan, but alas Bob didn't show. Too bad.

And why is U2 winning these awards? Seems like that album was out in late 2004, what gives?

Tivo, the only way to watch the Grammys in like 40 minutes.


Amy said...

Ha Ha Ha I totally agree...

Amy said...

...But Madonna/Gorillaz was AWESOME

Jeff said...

Skipped the whole Grammys thing... opted not to live in the past but instead be visionary and look to future talent and watch American Idol instead, via TIVO of coarse... :)
Finished that about 09:15 at which time started watching Project Runway, which had already started recording, managed to catch up to real time about 3 minutes before the end of the program...OH YES! THE MAGIC OF TIVO!

Do you watch Project Runway...
Something about blatant homosexuals that can design and sew an awesome outfit with little time and little money that I find amazingly entertaining...GO FIGURE!

LPM said...

Love that Santino!

Jeff said...

Is it just me or does Santino not remind you a little of David?

Jeff said...

Needless to say...I referring to Santino's "straight side"! :)

David said...

you have me at a disadvantage here, one that tivo will remedy shortly. i'm sure there is a compliment in there somewhere, right?

Jeff said...

Somewhere...I guess :) but it's not as complimentary as the George Hincapie comparison :)

LPM said...

There is a resemblance and, as I recall, he was a bit of a clotheshorse in his SHC days and -- yes, it's all coming back to me now -- he did design an Amnesty Intl. T-shirt.

David said...

Dude, if i remind you of this guy then i'm getting a haircut TODAY!

Ok, i do remember designing a t-shirt. Those were good days, some silhouettes with "Free Free, Set them Free" written on it.

While we're setting the way-back machine and quoting Sting songs, i'm getting another memory. Some guy i knew back in the day whose fake id had him listed as Gordon Sumner. Who could that have been?

eric said...

That Rice fella looks like a pornographer... he's David's ugly, evil twin.