Monday, November 28, 2005

movie reviews

I think it is really important to expose Ryan to a variety of movies so that his tastes can evolve appropriately. This weekend was no exception. We started off with Amy's pick Never Cry Wolf which was very enjoyable, kind of a shorter softer version of Dances with Wolves mixed with Into the Wild but with a happy ending .

Saturday, I needed a fix of Fight Club, which i've easily seen a dozen times, but to mix it up, we watched it with Palahniuk and Uhls commentary piped over it. This was great and i highly recommend it, the insight you gain about production decisions and the interaction between the author and the screenwriter was cool. Palahniuk even complimented Uhls a few times for doing things better than the book.

From there it was on to the new version of the Amityville Horror which managed to spook the bejesus out of me, creepy, not overly creepy though and at times just plain silly.

Last night we caught War of the Worlds, with Tom Cruise. It comes complete with many scenes of Tom Cruise running. I'm pretty sure this gets worked out by his agent for each flick he does. Everytime he does it, i imagine Ben Stiller in his place. It's hard to take him seriously. The movie reaked of Signs with plenty of hinting, as opposed to showing or telling. I think it could have been great, but the ending just fizzled big time.

My favorite lines in the movie were an exchange between Cruise and this soldier and we couldn't make out a single word of it. It seemed pivotal b/c they destroyed an alien ship right after but we couldn't figure it out for anything. We backed up the scene three times and finally turned on the subtitles to learn that he was saying something like "Look at the Birds! There's no armor there" wow, deep.

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