Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Turkey Day Stuff

Lots to talk about, and i haven't had much time to post lately.

First off, my Uncle Gaynor, who is currently battling mantle cell lymphoma, received a stem cell transplant this week. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he begins his recovery in Houston.

While on the topic of prayer and positive thinking, I happened to run into Gary McCrary last week at Lod Cook, and he looked great. Gary was struck by a car last year and suffered some of the worst injuries i've ever heard of in a bicycle accident. Turns out he still has some surgeries in his future, but he's riding a mountain bike on the levee, working out and doing well. It was awesome to see him.

Yesterday was Turkey Day, and we had a great time visiting with Bobbie and Bob, as well as DJW and Carrie. I tried John Folse's Yam recipe again, and this time it was a real hit. The syrup promised in the recipe appeared right on queue and they turned out great, or at least i thought so until i asked my grandmother what she thought. She is the uber-cook of the family, and things aren't good until she says so. She replied "They taste like Sweet Potatoes". Ok, well maybe not.

On a much lighter note, Eric alerted me this morning to Roberto's positive b sample for EPO use. What a drag! Sure the guy climbed like a freak, but he always has, and i figured he just had a Pantani-like gift, turns out he's more like Pantani than i thought. Since, he will forfeit his victory in this year's Vuelta a Espana, it will probably have a profound effect on the scoring of the Fantasy Vuelta, but i'm not seeing a recount taking place, sorry EZ-E.

My new career as a professional writer began this week, as the piece on riding my bike to work showed up in the new 225 Magazine. If you're interested in an autographed copy, just e-mail me, they go for $29.99.

In sad news, my boss wrote an incredible nomination for me to be included in The Top 40 Under 40. It was the kind of essay that made me say, "Is this about me? Sounds like someone else." Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. Since i didn't make it, i can only rejoice in the fact that i must be ranked 41st, there's just no way that i could be any lower than that in this town. I mean come on.

I'm hoping to catch a ride with Taylor tomorrow, maybe River Road? Anyone?


eric said...

I think some of those UNDER 40ers are lying MFers... JD Morris looks to be 75.

eric said...

By the way, I would voted for you. Congrats on the write up.