Monday, November 07, 2005

monday monday

Today is my first day back at work! YAHOO!

Yeah, it didn't work for me either. Anyhow, i wanted to get in 20 or so this morning by taking River Road into work, then cutting through LSU, etc. etc. This plan was changed rapidly when i awoke to find San Francisco class fog engulfing my subdivision. My decision to avoid becoming a hood ornament, led me to take the short cut through Kenilworth, blah blah blah. Not as scenic, and only 6 and some change. I'm thinking tonight will be Levee Top Shootout Part II, the sequel.

How frickin boring is Baton Rouge riding when moving the ride approximately 50 feet to the side, and riding on gravel makes it NEW AND EXCITING.

My quote of the day for you comes from Warren Miller, Ski Film Maker Extraordinaire

If you don't move to Colorado this year, that's fine, just keep in mind, that when you finally do move to Colorado, you'll be a year older.

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