Friday, November 11, 2005

bidding lust

Last week, i fell in love with this bike. The lugged steel Bridgestone MB*s have always been a favorite of mine, and i thought it was my chance to own a little piece of cycling history.

It stayed on ebay all week under $50, until yesterday when it got close to $100. I had this scene playing out in my head of waiting until a minute to go and then throwing down a max of $150 and walking away with it like a gangsta just knowing that nobody would be foolish enough to spend that much money it. I mean, it's a classic but it is 13 years old, scratched up and has a ding in the top tube. Maybe i'd get it for $110, that would be sweet.

Didn't happen, i got to my desk, hit refresh and voila it was $177 with a minute to go. I lamely tried to take it at $180 which i figured was too much and that was instantly outbid. In shock but thankful, i hit refresh again just in time to see it close at $202.51 plus $50 shipping. It's a bummer, but i think i made the right decision to not engage in ego-bidding here.

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