Thursday, November 10, 2005

random morning ride ipod quote for the day

Life's like sanskrit read to a pony. -- Lou Reed



eric said...

You lucky SOB, riding before work.
No thoughts on Lou Reed... Perfer Iggy Pop myself. That said, here are my favorite new ipod additions...

1) The Gorillaz.

2) Anything Johnny Cash. I'm not bandwagon fan, I've been listening for more than 2 years now.

3) Coldplay... X&Y. Yes, it's wimpy but not as lame as Jack Johnson or John Myer. Chris Martin writes some seriously great lyrics.

4) And for people who are into Jewish Rap... Matisyahu

Taylor said...
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Taylor said...

1 & 3 have been recent favorites of mine as well.

David said...

Johnny Cash = Real Deal Holyfield

I have a bunch of his cds, it's amazing how many are about hanging, shooting and fighting.

My favorite part is when he sings about killing live at Folsom Prison and they all cheer. WHOA

I dig Gorillaz, not really into Coldplay though. I know Taylor saw them live.

I'll have to check out Matisyahu and this Funeral group that Taylor wrote about.

David said...

Have you heard Jay-Z on that Kanye West song, Diamonds of Sierra Leone. He is so awesome...

I'm not a business man, i'm a business ... man

How could i falter? When i'm the rock of Gibraltar, i had to get out the boat so i could walk on water

Taylor said...

I'm also digging that Diamonds of Sierra Leone song. Celebration is a fantastic track on that album as well.

Yeah, you should definitely check out Funeral by the Arcade Fire. very good.