Saturday, November 05, 2005

Longest bike path in Baton Rouge

So Thursday was my first post-Ryan bike ride and i decided to make it interesting by riding down to LSU and back on the beater bike atop the levee. I think i rode through ten different grades of gravel, from bb sized all the way up to charcoal briquet. What's nice about it, is that you get up there and you can forget about all the rednecks trying to drive over you, and focus on picking good lines, checking out the wildlife and the scenery. What's tough about it, is that some of the gravel is just bone-jarring arthritis-inducing stuff. Even on the 700x28's. The worst of it is limited to a short stretch near the house, so i think i'll leave that part off in the future. If you like the gravel sections of the Rouge Roubaix, then you could probably dig this ride. If you didn't, then don't even bother trying it.

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