Monday, November 07, 2005

channeling rasta bob --or-- the curse of the serotta colorado lt

now me and me wad ridin home dis night
big ringin da gravel
racin dem sun
like a mad cap gilby duclos
spinnin the 53 like it be a bitch
knockin it down like no ting
now Jah bless me wit power a plenty
but before tonight
i and i never did this to a chain ring


Taylor said...

Holy crap!

Taylor said...

now the shock has worn off... are you alright?

David said...

Yeah man, thanks for asking.
Didn't go down or anything, really strange. I think i lost a chainring bolt or two at some point which gave the big ring some play. Then, when i punched it to get on to River Road, the thing just gave way, destroying the front derailleur at the same time. Luckily, i was only a mile or two from home at that point, so Amy came and got me. Lame though.

eric said...

Does this mean you are going to buy the Rotor Cranks? They are sweet.

David said...

amy thinks i should be commuting on a mountain bike. i don't like to disagree with her when her advice is in line with buying a new bike. maybe something used from ebay, nothing fancy, just durable.

i know i won't have the rotor cranks. :)

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