Tuesday, June 06, 2006

more airport rant

While we're on the topic, here's two groups of people i can't stand.

Group 1 - In the terminal, the people who blow by you so they can rush down a jetway, board a plane and then sit down and do nothing.

Group 2 - People on a plane, rushing to get out of their seats, so that they can stand in line in the aisle for ten minutes, blocking your view of the plane, while you taxi to the jetway. Completely filling the cabin with, from where i'm sitting, people's asses. Like they think you're doing some kind of research field work on what happens to Dockers after they've been sat on for 3 hours.

Yeah, i can't wait to fly again, next Sunday to Beantown, then the next week Colorado.



Taylor said...

Man, I'm really looking forward to my flight to Ottawa on Saturday. ;)

Dude, that I'm impressed that you guys made it through. I'm mostly impressed that you surpressed the rage. ;)

eric said...


Traveling with kids is one of Dante's rings of hell. I feel for you. I told my Dad, if he wants to come out and visit us great! Otherwise, he won't see us all together until the kids at 25... maybe 30.

David said...

i think the early hour kept me very calm for some reason. Our Delta guy asked me "How are you doing this morning?" My answer "Horribly" made the throwers laugh at least.

I think our motto for 2007 is the family that drives together stays together.


LPM said...

As if traveling with an infant isn't stressful enough -- sorry to hear about the ordeal. Driving is definitely the way to go, and when the time comes, capitulate and splurge on the portable DVD w/ headphones.

LPM said...


(1) What's happening in Boston?

(2) You ever do the triathlon Sandestin hosts every August? It used to be called the Elephant Walk. I might be down there on vacation at the same time as the event. Anne is balking on a Gulf swim after seeing "Open Water."


David said...

Boston is the location of Microsoft TechEd a collection of 12,000 of the finest minds and biggest nerds the country has to offer. In other words, heaven for dorks. I love it.

And yeah, i don't do gulf swims. Believe it or not, one of the first bike races i ever did was the Boathouse Biathlon down there in San Destin, Eric was there, we stayed at Mike Taylor's house, that was odd. Anyway, the run is fun, especially when you go through the little dunes. May have been the first time i ever threw up running, ah fond memories...