Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lovin Boston

I wish i had more time to see the city, Tech Ed has been great so far and all encompassing, much more on that to come. This morning i got up a little early and ran about 5 miles, crossing 2 bridges and seeing maybe 300 or so other runners, along with cyclists and folks walking to work, all the while racing the shells sculling on the Charles River, the temp was probably about 60 or so, very nice.


Jeff said...

How's the Power Bar count coming?

David said...

They shut me down!
This year has been rice krispie treats, baked pita chips, candy bars, ice cream sandwiches, fruit, potato chips, and trail mix. No power bars! Some breakfast nutri-grain type stuff, but no Power Bars, i was hoping maybe they'd switch to Cliff bars, but no dice. I had already lined up a nice cardboard box at the FedEx place. :D