Friday, June 09, 2006

June 11th

Four years ago today was the accident on River Road, i came across this the other day, it's something i wrote back in 2003, a year after.

Thinking of Steve

I remember

the lean of your head while pounding the pedals and the tilt of your

your attacking spirit in races and training, especially on climbs

the ornery way you would pull in the paceline

your ever-presence on cold wintry training rides with that enormous
ski-cap neatly somehow pulled under your helmet and that multi-
purpose blue undershirt that seemed to meet your every need

the 32 ounce Big Gulp you'd rest on your handlebars after the
training race for the ride home

our Coffee Call rides betting that Norm wouldn't show up

chasing your crazy daredevil ass up, down and around the rough roads
of Solitude

your polite tutelage of Dunaway on the finer points of the paceline

the day George Pou told me he was scared of you because you were
so MEAN! :)

your love of any road with gravel and you dragging a foot through the
turns at the Rouge-Roubaix like you were some kind of professional

how you thought the Cycling Cup Points competition was stupid even
though you were leading it at the time

the way you hated time trials, but raced them all anyway

the training race before the accident when the two of us broke away
and you won

I didn't get to talk to you the day of the accident, I picked up the
ride after the first sprint, which I believe you won, and got in just
in time for the disaster. I miss you and think about you often.
Peace my friend.



Amy said...

Thanks for posting that, David. It's a tough day.

Jon Anderson said...

Thanks David.

I remember Rouge Roubaix I, Steve crashed about 5 times, I changed the course the next year.

Steve studied the topo maps of West Feliciana and found that mile long climb to nowhere out near Angola.

And the helmet tilt, always on the back of his head.

His son was born, like, the next day.

Still miss Steve.