Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Beantown

The difference a week makes, today's flight was a piece of cake. No problems, no difficulties, no security searches, very smooth. I was grateful. We got to Boston, grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed over to the Convention Center to register and catch the Keynote, which as it has been in the past, was a bit long and tedious. The actress who plays Chloe(sp?) on TV's 24 helped cohost, but it was still tough.

Anyway, the sessions begin tomorrow, so i need to start stretching out my brain tonight.

Yesterday, i had a great ride with Jeff and Charlene, and a very short one with Ward. This was my first time on their new adapted route which passes three or four different plantation homes, Houmas House, Hermitage House and Bocage, which reminds me, if you've got a few mil to kill and want a country home, click here. Only 5.5 million, it's a steal.

Two great finishing touches to the ride, we started to cook in the last 10 miles or so, so we jumped in Jeff's mom's pool after which was super nice. After that we headed to G-town's tacqueria for a "big burrito". Let me tell you, this place is awesome. You step through the door, and it's like you are in Mexico and $5.99 got me a burrito that definitely earned it's name. SERIOUS, real SERIOUS.

Anyway, time to sleep.


LPM said...

If you need a place for dinner, check out East Coast Grill on Inman Square in Cambridge.

eric said...

Off subject, does anyone know how to add video to a blog?

David said...

Thanks dude, we may check it out, there's no shortage where we are. We can walk out the front door of our hotel and be in Quincy Market in minutes.

I would store the video somewhere like youtube and then link to it.

eric said...

Thanks. But until I get that hooked up, check this out.