Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Boston Common

Boston is a runner's city, i'm really enjoying the great routes i've found and the topography. Today, my legs were a bit tight, so i decided to take it a little slower and head just down the road to the Boston Common, much of my run was on the Freedom Trail which is quite a collection of historical stops. Very cool. Tomorrow i'm thinking i'll run the last few miles of the Boston Marathon course, maybe i'll make it to Heartbreak Hill, it looks to be about 5K from the hotel, so we'll see.

I know i haven't written about the conference yet, i'll probably do that next week. When i get back at night, i'm usually exhausted.

Tomorrow night is our "party night" which will be held at Fenway Park, unfortunately i won't get to see the Sox play, instead Train will perform which will be pretty cool. I hope to get a photo of myself in front of the Green Monster.

Tonight we ventured back into Little Italy and got some good Pizza, we walked all the way over to the Barking Crab only to find that some software vendor had rented the place out and we couldn't get in, sucked. The pizza was better.

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