Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the weekend that was

Congrats to Amy who had a doll on exhibit, and performed a poetry reading at the Venus Envy. It was a pretty wild night weather-wise and the lights went out before Amy was to read, so she began reading under an emergency light, but luckily the power returned midway. There was a great turnout despite the deluge which continued throughout the night.

One highlight was this old codger who was standing behind me while Amy was reading. He'd been talking to the hors d'oeuvres ever since we'd gotten there, but when Amy started reading i heard him comment, "I can't hear a word that she's saying" as he butted in front of me. Well dressed in a gray suit, he had the kind of lucid insanity that you're allowed to have when you're elderly.

I can't wait, anyway, Amy completed a poem inspired by Ryan's birth and he belted out, "That one wasn't too cheery!" One of Amy's friends responded, "NEITHER IS LABOR!" which was priceless. Yes, it was a rowdy scene. The crazy guy continued to commentate, Cindy read a poem about San Francisco and he just started yelling "Haight Ashberry! ha ha Haight Ashberry!" even after the reading he walked by us and repeated it again. Great stuff.

Mona Webb did a reading that was off the hook, straight out of the Def Poetry Slam. There was belly-dancing plus live music, it was a very cool scene.

Sunday, we hit the Festival in Lafayette which was a blast. We met up with Tommy and Connie and caught Carimi from Haiti, and Maria de Barros from Cape Verde which were cool acts. We didn't want to push Ryan too much in the heat, so we headed out and luckily we were able to catch Buckwheat Zydeco perform live on the radio, he is cool. Hats off to Lafayette for broadcasting their festival live, gotta love it. I always have a better time at this one than the New Orleans Jazz Fest.


eric said...

Mad props to Amy. I respect your self-control David, I think I would have popped that crazy old fool in the mouth... Okay maybe not. But I would have thought about it.

Jeff said...

I've seen David defend his wife before, lucky for this guy he wasn't driving a camaro and David couldn't get his hands on a frame pump or something!
I'm getting the feeling your entire evening was WAY to cultured for me...that being said, we don't get a posting of Amy's poem?

Don said...

Okay. Dave, you know I love you...and I'm just sayin'...but
You go to a weird place to do something weird and you meet a guy thats, well....weird. Who could have ever seen that coming? I mean, I'm just sayin'.

David said...

Weird, yes he was. And, i did imagine just hauling off and popping him in the mouth. I also thought about just trying to one-up everything he said twice as loud and then maybe taking my shirt off and smearing hummos on my chest. But then i just sat back and absorbed it all, aren't you glad i did?

Don't know if this guy was driving a camaro or not, if so, he's lucky.

As for Aim's poetry, those cannot be reprinted here without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

Jeff said...

While we wait to hear back from Bud Selig on the Poetry how about some further detail about the "doll on exhibit"...or, would that mean getting Paul Tagliabue involved?...