Monday, May 29, 2006

It's in the books

Haven't posted in a few days, the Fantasy Giro kept me busy. Congrats to Lisa's Buca Di Luca squad which took the overall from the clutches of Brian's The Giro Zero. I'm still working out ideas for the Tour de France, i've heard some feedback that maybe a competition on just final GC would be cool, as opposed to the managing lesser-known cyclists whose goals may only be for a stage win. I think that's what keeps it interesting, but it requires more work to administer. Who knows, we'll see, July is still a ways off.

After some thought, i decided last week to opt for a different kind of BTC. I'm still going to do a BTC, but it's going to be my own, based out of Fruita, i hope to spend every day on routes like these. Also, Amy's dad and i are going to head over to Utah to do some work on her grandfather's cabin, so we'll get to do some rides there too. It should be sweet.

Tonight, we're settling down to a Memorial Day marathon of Deadliest Catch, that show is so addictive, THANKS JEFF.


Taylor said...

Are you turning into a mountain biker or something? ;)

David said...

Yes, there is an inner mountain biker in all of us. Inside of me is one with no dirt skills, poor depth perception and a center of gravity too high to be effective. I can't wait.

Jeff said...

I was just getting ready to argue your "there is an inner mountain biker in all of us" point... Because, as you know and as I have often expressed, it doesn't interest me IN THE LEAST!
That was until I clicked on your link and checked out where you'll be riding...WO..WO..WO..WOW! I'm seriously jealous!
Now...lets discuss the inner Alaskan Crab Fisherman in all of us for our next adventure :)

eric said...

Mountain biking? Really? When did you overcome your fear of losing teeth?

I agree with David on the "inner" mountain biker. Every couple of months I decide to take it up. Then I go on a couple of rides and wonder when it will ever get fun.

David said...

Fear of losing teeth is still in effect, but those Fruita trails are pretty tempting, supposedly miles and miles and miles of 18 inch wide singletrack. Not the stuntman-type trails that are around these parts.

Hey, before we all go fish for crabs, we can't pass up a challenge like this one, right? and yes, before anyone asks, i'm kidding.

Taylor said...

Wow. That sounds nutty. I enjoy the part about firearms aren't allowed in some areas. The implication there is that it would be a good idea, you know, with the bears and all, but you can't have one. Damn.