Thursday, May 25, 2006

doping making me sick

Being a fan of the euro-pro peloton is sometimes like being a 15 year-old kid who still wants to believe in Santa Claus.

The arrest of Manolo Saiz this week along with staff from Liberty Seguros and Communidad Valenciana who were found to be in possession of steroids and blood doping and freezing equipment (See Saiz Released) is a real blow to the sport.

It stinks when an individual rider like Millar admits drug use. When it's a director sportif, what does that say about his team, his previous teams? People speculated that JaJa juiced because of the way he bounced back from his crash at Armentieres back in 94, but now it makes you wonder if the ONCE's were systematically juicing with Saiz. Does that mean Zulle, Olano, JaJa, Stephens, Bruyneel, Beloki, Heras, who is currently serving a ban, were all part of it? Is that how they won all those TTT's?

So Liberty Seguros pulled the plug today, which means Vino and Beloki have no team for the Tour de France. That is a pisser, unless they're on the "list". I know the Societe is chomping at the bit to get to that piece of paper.


Taylor said...

I have to think that maybe Vino is clear all of it since he just joined this year... but man, his Tour hopes have to be reduced now.

This really doesn't put Heras in any better light.

eric said...

Doping makes you sick? It makes me faster.

Keep up the great blog.

Tyler Hamilton

David said...

no dude, doping makes me sick, that's why i finally had to stop doing it.