Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cheaha Yee Haw!

How glad can i be to have that one in the books!
It was an excellent weekend obviously, travelling with the G-Town Homeys, Jeff, Char, Ward, Doc, Don, Cody and Taylor thrown in for good measure.

Lots of good times, Saturday night we caught the Sunny King Crit which was a kick to watch. I decided not to race the 2/3s after making a very quick exodus last year in the same event and i must say it was a lot of fun to just spectate, given what comes on Sunday.

As the Pro 1 field lined up, who should pull up right in front of me but Travis Sherman, he was talking himself down, saying he'd get spit out fast but he stuck like glue for a long time, nice riding because those dudes were flying. Toyota and Jelly Belly took turns controlling the race. As we left the crit, i ran into Erich Mattei who i raced with the previous year. Good catching up with him, he's still living in Athens, working in finance and getting married later this year to his girlfriend of many years. Not riding quite as much, it happens to us all :). Great seeing him and that all was well.

Sunday was perfect, rain at the start, temp in the 60's. My rain jacket fell out my pocket somewhere. Here's me on top of the first serious-real-serious climb then me dying of oxygen dep a few seconds later. Here's Jeff hitting it Moots-style. The Doc going medieval on it. Don orange-whip orange-whip orange-whip 3 orange-whipping it. I couldn't find the rest of the crew in the tiny thumbnails.

I swore i'd never do it again ever, but now Eric is saying he's game, and there seems to be a little interest among the rest of the crew. We'll see, if i can shed about 25 pounds, maybe.


LPM said...

No. 29 with a bullet:

Why didn't you just win the whole damn thing? Nice piece of riding and congrats on claiming the "Fastest from LA" crown. Put me down as a definite maybe for 2007.


eric said...

What is the total elavation gain? Are they long climbs or tons of short steep ones.

Either way, I WILL DO THIS NEXT YEAR... and the crit too just to make it worth the trip.

David said...

Next year i will win it, well maybe just fastest guy from LA again, we'll see.

Jeff has the total gain as 8,000 feet but the pain feels like more, maybe because the climbs come throughout. There are both short steep ones and long steep ones.

Here's a profile from Taylor's site, remarkably my heartrate probably looks about the same.

LPM said...

Just looked at the elevation chart and wanted to point out that in my initial post, the accent should be on the "maybe."