Wednesday, May 17, 2006

wednesday scoop

Had a great weekend, Saturday, Amy and i ran with the boy from LSU to downtown to check out the Main Street Market on the new Levee Top Bikepath. The path is very nice, much wider than i expected with two bike lanes, and a third walking/running type lane. If it were to be extended out to Gardere or further, it could perhaps become the new home of the training race. I know i'd be willing to try it, it's currently only about a mile and a half long and slated to be the cycling super highway for football fans riding from downtown to the stadium. After, we caught lunch at Our Daily Bread which is always slamming.

Sunday's Mother's Day celebration at my mom's was a blast, some photos will be at Ryan's blog soon.

Got one of these new Tivo wireless adapters and it's working well, much nicer than the long phone cord we were using and now we've opened the door to downloading videos on your pc, and catching photos and music through the tv. It's a bit slow, but a better fix none the less.

Last night i did the training race, hoping to work out the PCF (Post-Cheaha Funk) which has been killing my legs ever since the ride. It worked, i replaced the PCF with just good old fashioned soreness which is much nicer. This was my first Tuesday night since the Aussie's departure and the average speed seemed down, it was still plenty hard though for me. I did what i could throughout but couldn't quite stick in the last mile or two as Norm, Dylan and Seabass turned it up a bit. Two generations of Team Ripple were present as Jan came out with her daughters Kate and Shelly, considering it was their first training race, i'd say they did pretty darn well.

Tought to believe that the BTC is just a little over a month away. Time to start doing some more serious planning and oh yeah, maybe some riding too.


eric said...

Daily Bread looks awesome.

As the BTC approaches check out my new fav energy bar is a Whole Foods deal... their "365 Strawberry" or "365 Mixed Berry" Whole Wheat Bars. Plus waaaaay cheaper than Powerbars and Clif Bars.

David said...

It is really awesome, they have a daily lunch special. Saturday was Sesame Chikin, that's right free-range chicken shaped pieces of soy. It was very very tasty, i wish the place was located closer.

I will check out the 365 bars, we've been really pleased with that brand on other stuff. Later g money.