Monday, December 12, 2005

A simple request

"Hey Dave, would you mind letting our dogs into our house Saturday night?" asked my sister, who was out of town. Hey no problem i thought, i'm practically a dog whisperer, this will be a piece of cake. O no, no it wasn't.

Steph's pups had spent the day outside, and since it was approaching freezing, it was probably a good idea to get them inside. I figured i'd open the door and they'd jump in, nope it wasn't that easy. Upon seeing me, these guys began growling and snarling and in no uncertain terms expressed that they weren't coming in. Jerky Treats and sliced turkey be damned, they weren't having it.

Beauty tames the beast, so Amy gave it a shot and managed to get JoJo the brown one in, but Jacques would have no part of it. I decided i'd have to play cowboy and try to corral him, however when i approached him, he took one look at me and dove under the fence triggering his electronic shock collar. I fell to my knees laughing as i watched his white curly haired butt spasm as it ran away from me under the fence.

About this time i figured we were going to have to patrol the neighborhood to find him but i guess the pain of the shock collar was enough to turn him around, and we found him on the front porch. When i opened the door, he shot in like a lightning bolt.

This was when i began laughing hysterically, i couldn't stop myself as we tried to corner him inside. Corral, chase, corral, chase and corral again, finally i got to him and tried to feed some sliced turkey but he wouldn't even look at it. So i gave up, picked him up and he tried to bite me! Into the cage they finally went, and my face hurt from laughing...little demon dogs.

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Marcy said...

David and Amy,
In several years you will be writing a blog similar to this one but talking about Ryan instead!! HA HA!!

Merry Christmas!