Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry christmas to all

Ah yes, Amy and i must have been nice this year because Santa brought us TIVO and early reports concur, it is a good thing.

This morning we caught the Dash and Dine Christmas Party at Jennifer and Carl's which was great, maybe a 6 or 7 mile run followed by a white elephant. Good times, great people.

Yesterday i rolled the loop twice doing iFartlek. This is my new favorite workout, i shuffle my hits playlist and you go hard for song 1, recover for song 2, hard for song 3, recover for song 4, rinse, repeat. You get the deal.

No word yet on the grand G-town ride this morning which i couldn't make, hope all stayed dry, but the downpour that i saw makes that hard to believe.



eric said...

TIVO RULES! But a quick warning it does cause husband/wife conflict. For example, I'm a Deleter. After I watch it something I rationally delete it. Lisa on the other hand is a Saver. After she watches or Records something she saves it because she MAY want to watch or rewatch it sometime in the unknown future. She has programs on the TIVO from 17 months ago! This is yet another reason why I drink.

David said...

Can't say which camp i fall into yet. I've definitely done a little of both, but now that Anchorman is on the box, it may never leave. What can i say, i'm a libra. How was Hawaii?