Monday, December 19, 2005

monday monday monday monday

It was a fun weekend, Saturday night Amy and i left the boy with Steph and Dave and went out for the first tme in 8 weeks. We hit the French Market Bistro which is always super nice, i had the Tiki Tuna and Amy had the Redfish on the Cedar Plank. I always wonder what they do with all these cedar planks. After that we headed out to G-town for the Robert Open House which was a blast. Great food, what can i say, it was a blast.

Sunday i rode my bike! I know it's something i hardly do these days. I met up with Charles, Lawson and Mike and we rolled about 50 at an honest pace. A little more honest than i've been riding, so it felt good. The winds were surprisingly strong, much more than it seemed when we started, but that's the way River Road works right?

That's it, i need to start Christmas shopping.

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Jeff said...

Nice to know Char and I aren’t the only ones behind on the shopping game…don’t know if we qualify for the official definition of “haven’t started” but I think we’re there in spirit, probably 90% remaining. That along with the fact that I found out this morning that Char and I are hosting Christmas for her family should make for an interesting week.

Glad ya’ll made the party, we enjoyed it....