Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Make the wind your friend and you'll never ride alone.

This is one of many cheese-ball sayings i've come up with over time. I always envision it being engraved into the marble floor at the entrance to the David Alexander Memorial Cycling Museum. But i digress, this saying was made for today, it was a windy mofo kind of day. The wind was so bad, you sort of assumed the "rainy crit" posture with your handlebars so that they wouldn't be whipped out of your hands. It was a swervy-ditch-pointing day of grunting and grinding your teeth.

Did two laps of iFartlek again, this is turning into my new addiction. Sometimes it's perfect, slow song for recovery, fast song for interval, but other times it happens in reverse which is strange. Like today, i recovered to Jesus built my Hot Rod, which ain't slow then jammed to Karma Police, let's call it introspective. During my last loop in the tail-wind section i saw Tom coming the other way, but i wasn't about to turn around into it. Sorry, Tom.


Jeff said...

Your best opportunity for that quote may have been on the back of your ipod :)

Actually took off of work after lunch today including the remainder of the week (cool)...grabbed a bite of lunch with the guys at Waffle house before heading home. Heading into WH I was thinking...get home and hit the road for a ride...after over-eating and seeing the traffic lights being blown at a 45 degree angle, I adjusted my training schedule to accommodate a nap on the couch and then a little roller time. Your iFartlek comments are spooky, gave it a try this evening...check my blog for the full review....

David said...

what and deny greg lemond free exposure?