Tuesday, September 04, 2007

v u e l t a revolver

I haven't been able to view any teams on the site yet, so in case anybody is interested, here's my fantasy squad for the Vuelta. The first two days went great with Bennati and Bettini, today, who had the Russian?

Rider 1: 16,Samuel SANCHEZ GONZALEZ,EUS, #69
Rider 2: 12,Paolo BETTINI,QSI, #130
Rider 3: 20,Carlos SASTRE CANDIL,CSC, #166
Rider 4: 10,Juan Manuel GARATE,QSI, #129
Rider 5: 16,Daniele BENNATI,LAM, #99
Rider 6: 6,Santos GONZALEZ CAPILLA,KGZ, #93
Rider 7: 6,Joan HORRACH RIPPOLL,GCE, #34
Rider 8: 6,Pedro HORRILLO MUNOZ,RAB, #141
Rider 9: 8,Manuel BELTRAN MARTINEZ,LIQ, #108

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