Wednesday, September 19, 2007

back to the sufferin

Tuesday night was my first training race back in quite a long time. I tried not to let that enter my mind and just ride like i never stopped doing them, but you can only really fake that for so long. Everything was good until a little bit before the prop sprint, all was good, me, SeaBass, Darius, Tim, Keith, Luke, and Bennie Flores of all people rotating really well. Then Keith pointed to Bennie as if to say "He's gonna win this sprint old school Bennie style" and that's when i yacked. The pace picked up and ... ... wait for it... ... wait for it ... ... David didn't. I watched as everybody rolled away, just getting smaller and smaller on the horizon.

I thought, "Well old boy, that's why you need to train" then like an angel sent back from the pack, here comes SeaBass floating back to help me out. In true TGV style, he cranked it up over about 15 minutes from my measly 21 to 24,25,26,27, finally 28 and voila we were back on, with just a minimal amount of regurgitated peanut butter left on my top tube. Sebastian is a motor, while sucking his draft mercilessly i kept staring at the C50HP logo on his chainstay thinking, Sebastian is producing a lot more than 50HP right now. It was an awesome display. We got back on, the group got smaller and i tried to help with a final leadout but nobody probably even thought i was trying as i could only eek out maybe 24 or so. Je suis lame.

It was fun talking medicine with Dr. Frusha who performed Amy's surgery today. That is another post altogether. More to come on that tomorrow.

My team is kicking ass at the Vuelta, i've jumped up to 82nd out of 744 teams. Today's win by Bennati should push me even further up. Sorry DJW, i don't think you're going to sneak out a win in Spain like you did in France. Also, what happened to our league? it died.


Lance P. Martin said...

It's good to see you riding & blogging again. But you really ought to do something with your life like this guy:

Taylor said...

Yeah, my team sucks big. I noticed that your time was climbing in the ranking with each day, that's pretty sweet!

Glad to hear you made it out to the training race. I'm going to the crits again tonight to get destroyed. Good times!

Taylor said...

And man, I missed the part about surgery somehow. I hope everybody is okay!