Tuesday, September 04, 2007

nice riding weekend

I got more cycling time this weekend than i've had in quite a while. Sunday was awesome, i started out of Bains around noon by myself, first ride in the hills on the new ride, the Cyfac. This bike is true Darby-bane, French throughout, if i had the dough i should put a Mavic gruppo on it. Anyway, i expected to crawl up the hills, but was surprised not to. Figures i'd have a "no chain" day with nobody else around to see it.
So there i was having a great time, two hours into it, just me and the ipod, rolling back from Spillman, crossing the new bridge near Red Bug when PLADOW! massive sidewall blowout. Evidently there was mortar fire near the bridge that i wasn't aware of.
Left to my own devices, i scoured the nearby ditch to find a nice Frito-Lay wrapper, folded it 25 times, stuffed it into the tire, grabbed the CO2 and prayed. I added some Madden-tele-stration to show you what i'm talking about. The shortest way home was about 15 miles i guess, so i avoided every pot hole, thought smooth thoughts and rolled. The patch managed to hold up pretty well and no walking was necessary. Here's what it looked like by the time i got to the car.

Here's another action photo of the bike, it's a real beauty.

And here it is in front of our new house, we decided to downsize some, but you have to admit, the view is gorgeous.


Taylor said...


When did this happen? Details, man, details! ;)

Glad to hear the frito-lay wrapper held for you.

David Alexander said...

New Frame!
If you look closely, you'll see that the Cyfac's gruppo is 90% of the Guru's. I got the bike back on Bastille Day (fitting) but have hardly been able to ride it. That was when i absolutely positively not getting a replacement or repair from Guru. The legal teams here at UCC have asked me not to comment further on that situation until it is completely resolved. So more to follow.

I did get a very pimpish Arione saddle that i really dig. I recommend it highly if you like Flite's. Should have listened to the Robert crew sooner, but i think i recommended it to Jeff anyhow, so i get credit somewhere in there.

Must cut back on caffeine.

Colombian TGV said...

hahah! Nice ride man! I will have to bring chips instead of Clif bars on my rides! Shoot me an email next time you go for a ride...


David Alexander said...

yo seabass, good riding with you last night for like 2 minutes

Lance P. Martin said...

The Frito-Lay bag patch took me back, like Proust's madeleine, to Dr. Hafner's non-fiction class at SHC and Persig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." Wasn't there some pivotal chapter in there about one rider using a piece of Coke can to repair some stripped thread or something, which horrified the other rider? And wasn't this the class where Dr. Hafner said "Read the damn book!" and stormed out. Eric, you were in there as well, no?

David Alexander said...

Yeah yeah, there's talk about the use of a coke can instead of the specified shim. Nice memory there, i believe that was the only class, you, eric and me took together. As i recall, perhaps that was the morning after the Cure concert and Haf said something like, "So class, tell me, Why does the Caged Bird Sing?". He took a look at us who always had opinions, but were still somewhere between New Orleans and Mobile mentally and belted "READ THE DAMNED BOOK CLASS!"

classic Hafner