Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So do you still blog?

That was Dick's question to me a few weeks ago at the Pinnacle Town Meeting. Without even thinking i replied, "I like to write when i'm riding" which explains my absence pretty well.

Not that i haven't been riding, i have, but usually at 6AM alone, damn you Rocketboy! you frickin Nostradamus in a speedo.

Too much to write about, so here goes stream of consciousness.

A tale of two shows in two months
Show 1
Amy gave me tickets to Particle / Matisyahu / 311 and it was awesome. What was really cool, was seeing Matisyahu blend in with the crowd after his performance to hand out flyers for a cause. What wasn't cool was getting patted down on the way in, what happened to wands and metal detectors? I think it was because they weren't looking for weapons, instead hunting for the apparent duraflame-sized logs of weed which were being smoked inside. Good God man.

Show 2
The Wiggles enough said.

DJW is setting up the league.
I still promise to document his come from behind victory in the drug scandal plagued TdF.

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Taylor said...

If you are playing Vuelta, either post here or on my blog ( what your team name is so that I can put as many as possible in the mini-league. I'll also post the mini-league info once it is formed so that people can join themselves.