Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just the facts

I'm 37, there's a reason why i sometimes feel i'm in the middle of a crisis.

For the first time in a long time, i ran more than i rode this past weekend.
Friday, Ryan and i took the Bob out to Highland Road Park and ran LSU's freshly marked Cross Country course a few times. I thought it was rough, Ryan took a nap.

Sunday morning, we did about 10 around the lakes, then off to duck-feeding and finally a visit to the new Mike the Tiger. This running thing fits nicely into a busy schedule and i spend far less time fearing death at the hands of an automobile. Maybe i've got a future in it.

Did some new-dad bonding with Charlie D. on Sunday, great catching up with him. Hopefully i'll make it down to NOLA for a giro whenever they slow down (hahaha).

Might have stepped in it this morning as Norm and Paul Kerst were looking for TTT teammates. What the hell was i thinking?

My wife has gotten me thoroughly addicted to Facebook, and i'm ticked that Bobby J. has added her as a friend. My request is still out there and waiting.


Taylor said...

Yeah, when I saw Bobby Julich on Amy's page, I was like, "THE Bobby Julich?" Then I remembered her mentioning something to me about knowing him as a kid. That's awesome.

I am also finding running to work better to keep up the exercise when busy recently. It is much easier to go run 3 miles, eat, shower and get back to work. Even a short ride burns so much more time. Of course, me having more time to ride will nicely coincide with the time change. ;)

You guys and the Courvilles both seem to be big fans of the Bob. It's impressive when a product actually lives up to the hype.

Jeff and Anna said...

Oh the Bob so lives up to the hype. I have to agree with Dave and we only have one little one. It is super hard to find the time to ride, but we run all the time with the Bob.

I also find it hard to fake fitness on the bike. If you don't spend the time in the saddle, you just seem to suffer while getting dropped!

Roadrider said...

I was 37 once. Then a few years later they invented that World Wide Web thingy. It was far out, man.

David Alexander said...

Glad to hear you like the BOB!
It seems to be in 50% of my workouts these days :D

Randy, you're killing me! I can date myself too, dig this, i wrote a gopher site.