Thursday, October 11, 2007

I couldn't help myself.


Taylor said...

I saw that picture on the advocate site, and thought, man, those guys really look like assholes.

David Alexander said...

You got that right, the CEO was on WJBO, what a smug shmuck. I tried to call in, but kept getting "all lines were busy". Some of my favorite lines...

"Dr. Culbertson was not allowed to call in because he's trying to forward his agenda, just like you are..."

" can meet a lot of really nice people in a casino..."

"our casinos are very safe, there is little or no crime at our casinos"

except for the gambling inside.

"we offer scholarships to all of our employees"

Man, i really had it wrong, casinos are for education!

David Alexander said...

Then, WJBO was tossing up some real softballs to them.

"So, your casino is going to be really nice! and a nice hotel too huh? tell us about how nice it's going to be"

In the background you can hear the comp'd bottles of Cristal being opened.

Don't get me started

Colombian TGV said...

Kinda funny...Just like the movie Scarface when he says to Manny..."You know what capitalism is? Gettin' F#####D!"

Pardon my french but this casino is going to do some damage.

David Alexander said...

dude, that was funny